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Lois A. Ehrmann

The Attachment Therapy Companion: Best Practices for Treating Children and Families

by Art Becker-Weidman, Lois A. Ehrmann and Denise LeBow

2012- Norton Books

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Kids, Parents, & Everyone Have Parts: A Book About Internal Family Systems for the Young and Young at Heart (2nd Edition)

copyright 2016

By Lois A. Ehrmann

This is a book that uses stories and fun activities teach children about the various concepts of Internal Family Systems  (IFS). Each short story uses an experience of a child to demonstrate the concepts and also introduces a parental figure that uses Self-leadership to work with the child. Ideally the book should be read gradually by a child and his or her safe caretaker under the guidance of a professional familiar with IFS.

Everyone Has Parts: The Self-Led Parent's Guide to Understanding Your Own (2nd Edition)

copyright 2016

By Lois A. Ehrmann

This is the parent companion book for the children's book above and is a workbook that uses real life stories and extensions of the stories of the parents from the children's book.  Each chapter teaches concepts related to family systems, attachment theory, the effects of parental trauma on current parent-child relationships and ways to increase the ability to be a Self-Led compassionate but clear parent!

A Review of the Kids, Parents and Everyone Have Parts Materials!!!

Kids, Parents, and Everyone Have Parts: A Book about IFS for the Young and the Young at Heart and its companion book, Becoming a Self-Led Parent Manual, by Lois Pessolano Ehrmann, Ph.D., LPC, NCC are wonderful resources for therapists and the children and the parents that they work with.  The IFS model is a fantastic therapy model, but the books and articles that have sprung from Dr. Richard Schwartz’s groundbreaking work have largely focused on adults.  For therapists who want to bring IFS to their work with children and teens, Dr. Ehrmann’s books are a tremendous gift to the field.  The children’s book describes real life situations that children with trauma and attachment issues face. The illustrations done by children are captivating and go straight to the heart.  Dr. Ehrmann’s use of language hits just the right note to make IFS come alive, thereby inviting adults and children to use this new way of looking at their feelings, behaviors and beliefs.  Dr. Ehrmann gives people, young and old, a way of making sense of their sometimes confusing and contradictory feelings, beliefs and behaviors.  I found Dr. Ehrmann’s explanation to parents about their own part in interactions with their children especially helpful.  At times I have struggled to find a gentle, yet persuasive way to help parents realize they need to address their own family of origin issues.  Dr. Ehrmann’s work delivers readers the necessary compassion they need to peer into their inner world to make changes in how they connect in loving, healthy ways with themselves and with others.

Review by Cindy Foster-Clark, LCSW

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