What Are the Issues You are Struggling With?

 Professional Helpers Looking for Discreet Trauma Therapy


 Are you a Professional Helper/Healer who has experienced any of the following:

-Working with traumatized clients who have similar issues to the stuggles you experienced personally?

-Struggling with the harsh realities of clients' traumas and feeling vicariously traumatized ?

-Seeing the signs of burnout, compassion fatigue and loss of enthusiam in the work ?

-Trying to work through transference and counter transference issues in the work with cllients?

-Struggling with unresolved unprocessed traumatic events that are bubbling up?

These are all situations that Professional Helpers/Healers have brought to my online private practice over the past 10 years. I have a special place in my heart for Professional Helpers/Healers who have experienced some form of trauma. I offer a safe and secure oasis where the Person of the Therapist is welcomed, witnessed and unburdened. 

My therapy services are available for these professionals at a reasonable fee. I do not take insurance and I use the encripted HIPAA protected version of Zoom for Telehealth. These clients do have to meet the criteria for safe functioning while obtaining trauma therapy in the online environment.  I invite you to email me (etherapywithlois@gmail.com) for a free screening appointment to further discuss this option.

Professional Healers Looking for Safe and Private Mentoring....

Are you a professional helper trying to assist clients in finding their own ways through healing and growth? Are you feeling stuck in directing those clients or could you use a second opinion about their issues related to trauma, attachment or relationship issues?


In your busy mission of helping others are you finding it difficult to find the balance between your professional and personal lives?


Are you looking for consultation in order to improve your skills in the use of Internal Family Systems Therapy, EMDR or Attachment Focused Family Therapy? Please consider calling or emailing Lois to see  what she has to offer in response to these issues.